What Does Commercial Insurance Do for You?

If you run a business, you may be wondering what kind of insurance policy is right for you. Depending on the size of your business, you may be required to have insurance for your company. Although you may see it as a major requirement, commercial insurance can do a lot for you.

Commercial insurance can do a lot for your business. Bingham Insurance Group, which provides service in Braselton, GA, can help you understand your insurance needs.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have employees at your business, you may benefit from workers’ compensation insurance as part of your commercial policy. This protects your employee by providing for their injuries, and it also protects you by ensuring you are not sued because of injuries that happen in the workplace.


Commercial insurance can also cover liability concerns. You benefit from liability insurance in the event that somebody is injured at your business or by a product that you manufacture or distribute. Liability insurance covers expenses associated with these injuries.

Commercial Vehicles

If your business owns vehicles, they need to be insured. If an employee is driving a company vehicle, you need to make sure that any accidents that occur are covered under your commercial insurance policy.

Choose a Strong Commercial Insurance Policy

With a good insurance policy, you protect your assets and your future. You can promote company growth by protecting your employees, your finances, and your equipment. You also protect yourself against lawsuits, property damage, and more.

You will find plenty of commercial policies that provide the right coverage. Bingham Insurance Group serving Braselton, GA can help you with the next steps.

Who should get commercial insurance for their business?

For people that aspire to be small business owners, Braselton, GA can be a great place to start an organization. Those that are here will enjoy the strong local economy and support for small local businesses. When you start your own small organization in this market, you need to make sure you get proper insurance coverage. Having this protection is needed in a variety of different situations. 

When Trying to Protect Financial Future

One of the main reasons that a business owner should invest in insurance for their company is that it can protect the financial future of the organization. If you choose to get a policy for your business, it will help to protect your business assets and mitigate liability claim risk. Ultimately, this could help to keep your company solvent if an accident occurs and you incur a loss. 

When Trying to Comply with Requirements

Another situation when a business will need to get commercial insurance coverage is when they want to comply with their insurance requirements. Any business today will have a variety of requirements that need to be met regarding insurance. If you get a full insurance policy, you can stay in compliance with insurance requirements set by your lender, investor, or other parties with an interest in your company. 

When you are going to get a commercial insurance policy in the Braselton, GA area, you will want to make sure that you get guidance and support provided by the team at Bingham Insurance Group. Those that work with Bingham Insurance Group to discuss their insurance needs can get the support that is needed to choose a policy that is right for you. The process will give you comfort that your organization is properly covered with insurance. 

Liability Insurance Myths Small Business Owners In Georgia Must Avoid While Researching Policies

Bingham Insurance Group assists the Braselton, GA community through helping residents find the insurance coverage that they need to meet any challenges that may arise. We strive to make things easier for our clients and simplify the often complicated process of searching for insurance.

Liability Insurance Myths Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Liability insurance covers small businesses in the event that a situation arises. As a small business owner in the Braselton, GA community, you are trying to stand out from the competition in your industry. Liability insurance can help protect you against any potential threats that may jeopardize the future of your business. While you are researching different types of liability coverage, avoid these common liability insurance myths.

You Don’t Need Workers’ Compensation If You Have A Small Staff

Even if you have a small staff of employees, workers’ compensation is still an asset. You can’t predict the future and you may face serious consequences in the future if something happened to one of your employees. Plus, having workers’ compensation shows that you value the contributions of your staff, which helps improve morale.

I Don’t Need Special Coverage For My Business Vehicle

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they do not need special coverage for their business vehicles because they can use their personal auto coverage. If you were using your vehicle for business and unfortunately got involved in an accident, you would not be covered under your personal auto policy. In order to avoid being held liable, research coverage options regarding using your vehicle for business-related endeavors.  

I Don’t Need Coverage Because I Regularly Work From Home

Even if you primarily operate your business from home, liability coverage can still assist you. If you are going on a business trip and something happens, you will be left unprotected. Liability insurance helps cover you in the event that something happens while you are conducting business away from home.

Bingham Insurance Group Will Help You Secure Your Investment

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How Commercial Insurance Can Save Your Business

When you own a business, there are lots of things that can happen to hurt your business. Especially if you are a small business, it may not take very much to cause your business to be seriously hurt and even forced to close. By being proactive and having commercial insurance that can protect you from some of the things that you can anticipate, you can save your business. At Bingham Insurance Group in Braselton, GA, our team understands commercial insurance and we can help you get the coverage that you need. 

Commercial Liability Insurance

No matter what type of business you have, you can be sued. It can be because a customer was injured at your place of business or by one of your products or services. If a large judgment is won against you, it could destroy your business. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Things happen, and not all of them are good. If your business is damaged or destroyed by one of these unfortunate things, it could put you out of business. With the right commercial insurance, you will be able to get back up and running as quickly as possible. Liability and property damage policies are beneficial to your inventory and customers.

Workers Compensation

Businesses with three or more employees are required by Georgia law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Compliance with this law is monitored, and if you are found to be in non-compliance, you can be fined and also receive time in prison. It is not easy to run a business from prison, so it is best to make sure that you save your business by having the necessary insurance. 

These are some of the most common types of commercial insurance. Bingham Insurance Group in Braselton, GA can help you to customize the perfect commercial insurance policy to make sure you can save your business in the face of disaster. Stop by the office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote. 

Commercial Insurance Add On to Consider

Your business is more than just your livelihood. It is the livelihood of potentially dozens of other individuals. You’ve put a considerable amount of your personal sweat into building the company up, which is exactly why you need to properly protect it with commercial insurance. While you may have basic coverage there are a number of commercial insurance add-ons you’ll need to consider. So if you live in or around Braselton, GA, Bingham Insurance Group is here to help.

Business Liability Insurance

Lawsuits can come from all corners. If you are a manufacturing business and a customer believes your product did not live up to its promise, they may attempt to file a lawsuit. If you are a contractor and the services you provided end ups causing further damage, there may be a lawsuit. Even if the lawsuit does not have concrete backing, hiring lawyers every time a suit comes about is expensive. Business Liability Insurance will help with this. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If you have employees you need to consider worker’s compensation. In the event of a worker being injured on the job carrying out their daily duties, you and your business are responsible for the covering costs associated with these injuries and time away from work. Paying for this out of pocket is extremely expensive. That is why worker’s compensation insurance coverage is a valuable addition to consider

Not all commercial insurance add-ons are right for every business. The kind of protection your company needs is not always the kind of protection the next business needs. That is why to determine which coverages work best for your company you need to talk to commercial insurance experts. When living in or around Braselton, GA, the team at Bingham Insurance Group is here to help.