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Life Insurance in Georgia

Georgia and Alabama Life Insurance Options and Policies

Life insurance is often thought of as a way to protect your family if you were to die. There are lots of options though, and it can get complicated depending on your situation. The Bingham Insurance Group in Braselton, GA has a full line of insurance policies, and our professional staff can help you sort out the nuances and get the best policy for your situation.

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Policies Available

The most basic life insurance is called "term," and it is for a specific period. This is usually a popular form of insurance for younger adults and new families. When the term ends, you may either renew it or let it lapse. These policies are relatively cheap and pay you nothing if you don't make a claim. There is also minimal basic insurance often called "burial insurance" which is also technically life insurance.

There is also universal life and whole life, which have a cash value. You build up a cash value over time, and if you are alive at the end, you will have the option of getting the cash value of the policy. The main difference in these two types of policies is that Universal life gives you more options but may not accrue as much cash value as a whole life policy.

It is also a good idea for both spouses to have life insurance to protect the family. Some people even get insurance for their children.

Stop by in person, or call the Bingham Insurance Group in Braselton, GA or one of our other two locations today to find out more about life insurance options. Our professional staff can help you determine what your best options are. Everyone is different, and we do not try to sell a one-size-fits-all type of policy. There are no requirements for life insurance in Alabama or Georgia but protecting your family should be a priority. Current customers are also invited to come in and let us make sure your policy is up to date and reflecting your current needs and situation.

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