How Do You Know If You’re Eligible for Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is crucial to have in some regions of the United States. If you are concerned that your home or your place of business may be at risk for damage due to flooding, you’ll want to know if you’re eligible for flood insurance. Talk to an agent from Bingham Insurance Group of the Braselton, GA area so that you can determine what to do in your situation. 

Should You Have Flood Insurance? 

If you live in an area prone to flooding, it’s vital that you have flood insurance. If you’re in a region that is moderate or high risk for floods, you’re likely eligible for the National Flood Insurance Program. You’ll get a certain amount of coverage with this type of policy, but you may want extra coverage due to having valuables beyond this limit. You can get a policy through a private insurance carrier like Bingham Insurance Group. 

Homeowners’ Insurance Doesn’t Cover It. 

Home insurance typically won’t cover the peril of flooding. Since flood insurance isn’t mandatory, this is something you have to seek out separately. Your agent may tell you that they don’t recommend getting this policy. If your mortgage lender asks you to get flood coverage, you can bring some documentation to the insurance company so that they know exactly what to put in your policy. 

Getting flood insurance is made easy when you have a reputable and experienced independent agent on your side. Allow us at Bingham Insurance Group of Braselton, GA, and beyond to assist you with setting up the insurance you need.