Tips to Keep Your RV Secure in the Campground

Many families living in or around Braselton, GA enjoy taking their family RV onto the open road and vacation in campgrounds. They provide an inexpensive vacation that allows families quality time together and memories. However, securing your RV while in the campground is something that we at Bingham Insurance Group like to encourage our clients. Below are some of the best tips for a secure and fun vacation in your RV at the campground. 

Keep it locked

Although this seems as though it should be a given, the relaxed atmosphere of most campgrounds make it very easy for campers to leave their RV open while they take a stroll to the pool or other activities in the park. Unfortunately, this leaves your property vulnerable to thieves lurking in the area and praying on these relaxed and trusting guests. 

Keep your blinds closed

While you are in your RV and while you are gone, it is the best practice to keep the window blinds closed and keep any valuable items out of sight. Having your tablets and electronics viewable to those passing by give them a chance to inspect your property and determine if they want to invade it later. 

Use motion sensor lights

Have your outdoor lighting equipped with motion sensors so that if someone is lurking around your campsite at night, the light will turn on and they will be deterred from returning. 

Keep your items secure

In campgrounds, most thieves are looking for items that they can grab and run with. Do not keep valuable items outside while you are in the RV sleeping or away. 

Secure with RV Insurance

The best way to secure your RV is to have an RV insurance policy that protects your RV and property while in the campground. if you live in or around Braselton, GA, call our agents at Bingham Insurance Group today for more information.