Are Floodlights Effective Deterrents for Burglars?

Most burglaries occur at night because it is much easier for a burglar to move around without being seen. Installing security lights or motion-activated floodlights can deter a burglar from making your home their next target. The agents of Bingham Insurance Group offer residents of Braselton, GA ideas on how they can protect their homes and families. Strategically placing security lights and motion-activated floodlights are the best way to keep burglars away from your property.

Fewer Places to Hide

When security lights are on, there are few places for a burglar to hide. Lights should always be placed near doorways or access points that lead to your home. Security lights don’t have to be bright to do their job but they do have to be in the right place. If you want to know more about where to place your security lights, talk to a local home security company and find out what they recommend.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Motion-activated lighting will turn on when something moves across the field of view of the sensor. In most cases, motion-activated lights are extremely bright. Part of the reason for this is they are only on for a short period of time. If a burglar is sneaking up to your home and the light kicks on, the brightness is often enough to chase them away.

At Bingham Insurance Group, the agents are dedicated to helping Braselton, GA residents keep their home and property as secure as possible. Knowing where to place your security lights is a step in the right direction. If you have questions about your home insurance or would like to know how security lighting helps keep your home safe, call and talk to an agent today!