Do I Need Life Insurance as a Contractor?

As a self-employed contractor, there are several benefits to taking out a life insurance policy with Bingham Insurance Group. While you will have to reach out and manage this policy on your own, this allows you to offer yourself and your loved ones benefits that you might otherwise have with other employers in Braselton, GA.

Coverage For Final Expenses

With a life insurance policy, you will have funds set aside to cover the final expenses that come with your funeral arrangements. This keeps your family from having to find that money or pull it out of savings unexpectedly. You can customize the amount you want to leave behind based on the services you plan to have. 

Other expenses that develop outside of your funeral are probate costs and estate fees that can pile up, especially if you are having your estate divided. With a life insurance policy, your loved ones can secure enough funds to cover these costs so they can process them properly.

Retirement Coverage

One of the best things about a life insurance policy is that you can get as much as you need based on what you are willing to pay for each month. With a life insurance policy, you can treat it like a retirement policy that pays out to your loved ones in the event of your passing. As a contractor, it is not as easy to secure these traditional retirement options, which is why life insurance gives that stability. 


A life insurance policy is one last financial gift you can give to your loved ones so that they are able to secure vehicles, make down payments on homes, and even cover college tuition if that’s what you prefer for them. 

If you are a contractor around Braselton, GA, contact our team at Bingham Insurance Group today.