Umbrella Insurance: The Financial Protection You Need

Insurance policies, whether they are for home or auto, come with predetermined caps on what they will pay out when there is an accident. Say you have a minor fender bender with minor injuries and you are found to be at fault. Your auto policy will cover the repair costs and medical expenses of the injured party. But not all accidents are minor. Also, the injured party can sue. It’s easy to see how mounting medical costs and legal fees can quickly max out your current policy. This is where umbrella insurance helps. The team of agents at Bingham Insurance Group work with residents throughout the Braselton, GA area. They can help ensure that you have the coverage you to need to keep you safe.

Accidents happen every day. When your basic policy has reached its payout limit, umbrella insurance goes into effect to handle the excess expenses.  Without it, you will be responsible for any expenses over and above your policy cap. Umbrella policies financially protect your assets.  For example, if someone is involved in an accident on your property and you are found negligent, they have the right to sue. The legal fees and medical expenses can be large.  If your home insurance policy pays $250,000 and their expenses are $400,000, you will be responsible for the additional funds. If you have an umbrella policy, however, when the home insurance policy is exhausted, it will go into effect and cover the additional expenses. A unique feature of umbrella policies is that they will also cover libel, slander, and invasion of privacy cases. This can protect your assets during a critical period.

In the Braselton, GA area, the team at Bingham Insurance Group are ready to assist you. Come by the offices and learn more about the true value of umbrella insurance policies.