How Renters’ Insurance Works

If you rent your home, you are likely required by your landlord to have a renters’ insurance policy. However, if it isn’t required, it’s still a smart idea to have one of these policies in place. If you need a renters’ policy, give us a call today at Bingham Insurance Group in Braselton, GA.

Renters’ Coverage

When you rent your home, you are not responsible for insuring the actual dwelling itself. The landlord owns it and must keep it insured. So, what does renters’ insurance cover? One of the main ways that it protects you is by insuring your things. These policies cover your personal belongings that are inside your rental. If the worst should happen and a major accident or disaster should ruin your things, your insurance policy will help you to start replacing your possessions. 

Liability Protection

Another way that your renters’ policy protects you is by covering your liability for injuries and illnesses that happen in your home. If a guest were to get sick or have an accident while in your home, you could be liable for paying all of the resulting medical bills yourself. If you have liability protection, the policy pays for those instead of you being sued for them. 

Other Coverage

There is still another way that renters’ insurance can protect you. It carries a type of coverage that protects you against having to stay in a home that is uninhabitable. If something were to damage your rental and it became unlivable, your renters’ policy would pay for you to stay somewhere else until your home is made livable again. 

Get Your Renters’ Policy

If you rent and need renters’ coverage, call us right away at Bingham Insurance Group in Braselton, GA to find out more. We can help you to understand how renters’ insurance protects you and help you choose the best policy for you. 

What is included with renters insurance in Georgia?

In the Braselton, GA area, you are going to have a lot of options when it comes to choosing housing. One form of housing that you may want to consider would be to rent your home. Those that are renters will enjoy having the flexibility of being able to move when their lease term is over and having fewer obligations when it comes to maintenance and repairs. If you do decide to rent a home, you will still have insurance needs. A quality renters insurance policy comes with several forms of coverage. 

Liability Protection

A renter will end up taking on many of the same liability risks as a property owner will. If your negligence leads to damage to the property, another unit, or even an injury of another person, you could be held liable. Fortunately, if you get a renters insurance policy, you can receive the coverage that you need to offset this risk. 

Protection for Personal Belongings

When you move into a new rental property, you will bring a lot of your personal assets. The value of these assets, which can include furniture, electronics or clothing will add up quickly. To ensure that your assets are properly covered and protected, you will need to get a full renters insurance policy. This will give you the funds necessary to repair or replace your assets if you incur a loss.

As you are looking for a new place to live in the Braselton, GA area, you should plan on discussing your renter’s insurance needs with the Bingham Insurance Group.  There are a lot of choices that come with picking a renters insurance and the Bingham Insurance Group can make the process easier to understand. When you do call them, they will offer you personalized guidance and assistance to ensure you remain covered at all times. 

Two of the Most Commonly Asked Questions about Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is designed to provide coverage for your damaged, lost, or stolen personal belongings. It will also offer coverage should another person get injured in your rented apartment or house in Braselton, GA. For instance, if someone visiting you is hurt while in your home, and their injuries are deemed to be your fault, the person may file a liability claim with an insurance company to cover the costs that are associated with their injury. If you aren’t familiar with renters insurance, you may have a lot of questions about coverage, so here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions policyholders ask Bingham Insurance Group.

Does it Cover Theft?

Yes, after you pay the deductible amount, renters insurance covers your personal belongings from theft. A renter’s insurance policy generally covers your possessions, whether the theft occurs as the result of a burglary or if they are stolen from your vehicle while traveling. Be sure to review your policy to fully understand the circumstances in which you may file a claim for theft.

Does it Cover Fire Damage?

Yes, after paying the deductible, renters insurance will cover smoke and fire damage. The compensation amount received depends on various factors, such as the amount of coverage you buy, your deductible amount, and whether you choose replacement cost coverage or actual cash value coverage for your belongings. In the event a fire occurs, you will first file a claim for the loss, pay the deductible, and then receive the compensation for the remaining costs of the loss (up to the policy limit).

It’s important to understand that your landlord’s insurance policy does not cover your possessions. The landlord’s insurance policy only covers damage to the building, so it’s important to have renters insurance to cover the cost of your belongings. Without renter’s insurance, you are responsible for the full cost of replacing all lost, stolen, and damaged properties.

Residents of Braselton, GA interested in learning more information about renters insurance or upgrading their current policy should contact Bingham Insurance Group.