Why is Renters’ insurance a Smart Financial Decision?

While renters’ insurance is not generally legally required, this specific type of insurance – designed for those who do not own their home, offers affordable protection against potential losses to property or injury to others covered by the policy’s terms. Renters insurance is an intelligent choice as it helps you recover from financial losses that you may not have otherwise been able to do. The Bingham Insurance Group, which serves the greater Braselton, GA vicinity, offers this guidance regarding the benefits of purchasing renters’ insurance.

It Provides Protection for Personal Property

Renters’ insurance covers the insured’s personal belongings – i.e., clothing, electronics, furniture, etc., should these items be damaged/stolen under a covered event like theft or vandalism. Certain policies may even provide coverage for belongings when damaged/stolen outside the property – i.e., your laptop from your car.

It Provides Liability Coverage

A renter’s policy offers liability coverage (which can pay for medical costs and legal expenses) should you be responsible for injuring someone else on your property.  

It Pays for Additional Living Expenses

If your unit becomes uninhabitable (as the result of a covered loss), renters insurance reimburses for temporary living expenses while the unit is repaired.

It Offers Customizable Options

Renters have the option to select the appropriate coverage level.

Note that some landlords in and around Braselton, GA may make require their tenants to carry renters’ insurance as a provision within the lease agreement. However, given the peace of mind renter’s insurance offers against unexpected occurrences, renters’ insurance can only be considered a wise financial decision.

For additional information about how renters’ insurance may be a worthwhile investment, contact the insurance specialists of Bingham Insurance Group at 706-684-0040 or online.