What type of auto insurance do I need in Georgia

In Georgia, unless you live in Atlanta, chances are you are going to need to drive a car. Braselton, GA is no exception. You need to drive to get to work, to go shopping, and just do the everyday things that are necessary. When you are driving an automobile, auto insurance is something that you need to consider. You may want to talk to a few different agents to find the best deal, but beyond just the best deal, finding an agent who is knowledgable about Georgia law as it pertains to automobiles is also important. At Bingham Insurance Group in Braselton, GA, we have the experience that you are looking for. 

In the state of Georgia as in most states in the union, motorists are required to carry liability insurance to protect other motorists. The mandated amount is 25/50/25. What that means is that you need $25,000 bodily injury coverage per person with a max of $50,000 for each accident and $25,000 for property damage. Given the cost of medical care in the US, you can see that this really is a very basic amount. 

Just because this is what you need to have for coverage it doesn’t mean it is what you should have. Expanding the amount of liability that you carry and adding collision and comprehensive coverage is something that is worth consideration.  Sitting down with an insurance professional is important and can help you determine the correct amount of coverage for your particular case. 

When you are ready to discuss your auto insurance needs the Bingham Insurance Group in Braselton, GA is here to give you the information that you need to make an educated decision. Use our online rating tool to get a free quote or you can give us a call or stop by our office.