Umbrella Insurance: Who Needs It

Are you unsure about umbrella insurance? Do you need it? To be truthful, it can benefit everyone, but it may not be extremely necessary for everyone. Umbrella insurance, who then needs it then? Bingham Insurance Group in Braselton, GA can shed some light on the subject.

What is Umbrella Insurance Exactly?

To put it simply, it is just an add on insurance policy onto what you already have that protects you in case you have a lawsuit filed against you. It can help as well in court costs and extra costs that your regular insurance policies may not cover. It can even include in cases where you are sued in slander or defamation cases. Here are some examples of where umbrella insurance covers you.

Scenario 1. You get into a car accident that involves extensive injury and damage to another person beyond what your auto insurance can cover. Plus, they file a lawsuit against you. Umbrella insurance has got you covered.

Scenario 2. Someone gets hurt on your property. Your homeowner’s insurance has you covered, but then they sue you. Umbrella insurance can help.

What umbrella insurance does not cover is:

  • Personal property damage
  • Criminal damage
  • Contract worker injuries.

Who Needs It?

It is recommended that umbrella insurance represents a sensible investment for anyone who possesses anything of value. But who would benefit the most? Who needs it? What if you rent a home or an apartment and travel by bus? Would umbrella insurance benefit you? Umbrella insurance may be a benefit to you if you:

  • Own/rent cars, boats, and other vehicles
  • Travel by driving frequently
  • Own dogs or exotic animals such as raccoons, alligators, snakes, etc.
  • Have a teen driver.
  • People that often host guests in their home or on their home property
  • Owners of rental properties
  • People with jobs that report on other people’s lives.
  • Youth sports coaches
  • Own weapons and guns

Most of these reasons may not make sense. What if your pet is as sweet as pie and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Animals are always unpredictable. What if sweet Fido turns grouchy one day due to a hidden illness and bites someone? They could sue you. Umbrella insurance will not sound foolish then. If umbrella insurance is curious to you, contact us at Bingham Insurance Group. One of your local Braselton, GA, representatives can help inform and set you up with a policy that works for you.