Are Floodlights Effective Deterrents for Burglars?

Most burglaries occur at night because it is much easier for a burglar to move around without being seen. Installing security lights or motion-activated floodlights can deter a burglar from making your home their next target. The agents of Bingham Insurance Group offer residents of Braselton, GA ideas on how they can protect their homes and families. Strategically placing security lights and motion-activated floodlights are the best way to keep burglars away from your property.

Fewer Places to Hide

When security lights are on, there are few places for a burglar to hide. Lights should always be placed near doorways or access points that lead to your home. Security lights don’t have to be bright to do their job but they do have to be in the right place. If you want to know more about where to place your security lights, talk to a local home security company and find out what they recommend.

Motion-Activated Lighting

Motion-activated lighting will turn on when something moves across the field of view of the sensor. In most cases, motion-activated lights are extremely bright. Part of the reason for this is they are only on for a short period of time. If a burglar is sneaking up to your home and the light kicks on, the brightness is often enough to chase them away.

At Bingham Insurance Group, the agents are dedicated to helping Braselton, GA residents keep their home and property as secure as possible. Knowing where to place your security lights is a step in the right direction. If you have questions about your home insurance or would like to know how security lighting helps keep your home safe, call and talk to an agent today!

Two of the Most Commonly Asked Questions about Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is designed to provide coverage for your damaged, lost, or stolen personal belongings. It will also offer coverage should another person get injured in your rented apartment or house in Braselton, GA. For instance, if someone visiting you is hurt while in your home, and their injuries are deemed to be your fault, the person may file a liability claim with an insurance company to cover the costs that are associated with their injury. If you aren’t familiar with renters insurance, you may have a lot of questions about coverage, so here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions policyholders ask Bingham Insurance Group.

Does it Cover Theft?

Yes, after you pay the deductible amount, renters insurance covers your personal belongings from theft. A renter’s insurance policy generally covers your possessions, whether the theft occurs as the result of a burglary or if they are stolen from your vehicle while traveling. Be sure to review your policy to fully understand the circumstances in which you may file a claim for theft.

Does it Cover Fire Damage?

Yes, after paying the deductible, renters insurance will cover smoke and fire damage. The compensation amount received depends on various factors, such as the amount of coverage you buy, your deductible amount, and whether you choose replacement cost coverage or actual cash value coverage for your belongings. In the event a fire occurs, you will first file a claim for the loss, pay the deductible, and then receive the compensation for the remaining costs of the loss (up to the policy limit).

It’s important to understand that your landlord’s insurance policy does not cover your possessions. The landlord’s insurance policy only covers damage to the building, so it’s important to have renters insurance to cover the cost of your belongings. Without renter’s insurance, you are responsible for the full cost of replacing all lost, stolen, and damaged properties.

Residents of Braselton, GA interested in learning more information about renters insurance or upgrading their current policy should contact Bingham Insurance Group.

Tips to Keep Your RV Secure in the Campground

Many families living in or around Braselton, GA enjoy taking their family RV onto the open road and vacation in campgrounds. They provide an inexpensive vacation that allows families quality time together and memories. However, securing your RV while in the campground is something that we at Bingham Insurance Group like to encourage our clients. Below are some of the best tips for a secure and fun vacation in your RV at the campground. 

Keep it locked

Although this seems as though it should be a given, the relaxed atmosphere of most campgrounds make it very easy for campers to leave their RV open while they take a stroll to the pool or other activities in the park. Unfortunately, this leaves your property vulnerable to thieves lurking in the area and praying on these relaxed and trusting guests. 

Keep your blinds closed

While you are in your RV and while you are gone, it is the best practice to keep the window blinds closed and keep any valuable items out of sight. Having your tablets and electronics viewable to those passing by give them a chance to inspect your property and determine if they want to invade it later. 

Use motion sensor lights

Have your outdoor lighting equipped with motion sensors so that if someone is lurking around your campsite at night, the light will turn on and they will be deterred from returning. 

Keep your items secure

In campgrounds, most thieves are looking for items that they can grab and run with. Do not keep valuable items outside while you are in the RV sleeping or away. 

Secure with RV Insurance

The best way to secure your RV is to have an RV insurance policy that protects your RV and property while in the campground. if you live in or around Braselton, GA, call our agents at Bingham Insurance Group today for more information. 

Can I Add My Motorcycle Onto My Auto Policy or Do I Need A Separate Policy?

In Braselton, GA, the agents of Bingham Insurance Group work diligently to make sure local motorcycle enthusiasts have the insurance coverage they need. Many people ask if they can add their motorcycles to their auto insurance and get a multi-vehicle discount. Auto and motorcycle policies are slightly different, but they can be included as part of a bundled policy.

Motorcycle Endorsements

In order to add your motorcycle to your auto policy, your insurance agent will include a motorcycle endorsement. This is like a separate policy but may not carry the same types of coverage as a traditional auto policy. Endorsements are an extension of your existing policy that covers your liability while you are operating your motorcycle on the highway.

Mandatory Liability Insurance

Just like with your auto insurance policy, you will have to carry a compulsory amount of insurance on your motorcycle to cover different types of liability. Typically, this includes personal property and personal injury liability. Your insurance agent will be able to write a policy for you that ensures all state minimum liability requirements are met. You can keep your auto policy and motorcycle policy separate or add your motorcycle coverage as an endorsement.

If you are ready to purchase your first motorcycle policy or want to re-evaluate your existing one, call the agents of Bingham Insurance Group at your earliest convenience. We serve residents who live in Braselton, GA, and the surrounding communities, and are always looking for ways we can help our customers get the coverage they need. Visit our office or call and speak to an agent. We are ready to answer your questions!

3 Tips for Buying Boat Insurance in Georgia

From Lake Sidney Lanier to Wake Lanier, there are many opportunities to boat in Braselton, GA and throughout the state. If you already have a boat or plan to get one soon, it’s important to have boat insurance. This way, if anything happens, like a boating accident, damage, injury, or theft, you’re covered. If you’re thinking boat insurance is expensive, it doesn’t have to be. At Bingham Insurance Group, we’ve put together three tips to help you find the right boat insurance policy and save money in the process.

1. Compare Many Quotes

Your insurance agent will help you go over several boat insurance policies to find the right one for your needs. Together, you’ll compare coverage and cost to help you make the right decision. You may want to stay with the insurance company you currently have policies with but keep an open mind. There are many policies from many companies to choose from that can save you money and still offer outstanding coverage.

2. Bundle Your Policies

One of the easiest ways to save money on boat insurance is to bundle this policy with all your other ones. Chances are you already have homeowners insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, flood insurance, and possibly other policies that you can bundle together with your boat insurance policy in Braselton, GA to save money on your premiums.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

Walking the maze of insurance policies can be confusing. That’s where a trusted and reputable insurance agent comes in. At Bingham Insurance Group, our friendly and knowledgeable agents are customer-oriented. They work for you to find the best policy at the best price. To learn more about boat insurance, contact us today at 706-684-0040. 



Umbrella Insurance: The Financial Protection You Need

Insurance policies, whether they are for home or auto, come with predetermined caps on what they will pay out when there is an accident. Say you have a minor fender bender with minor injuries and you are found to be at fault. Your auto policy will cover the repair costs and medical expenses of the injured party. But not all accidents are minor. Also, the injured party can sue. It’s easy to see how mounting medical costs and legal fees can quickly max out your current policy. This is where umbrella insurance helps. The team of agents at Bingham Insurance Group work with residents throughout the Braselton, GA area. They can help ensure that you have the coverage you to need to keep you safe.

Accidents happen every day. When your basic policy has reached its payout limit, umbrella insurance goes into effect to handle the excess expenses.  Without it, you will be responsible for any expenses over and above your policy cap. Umbrella policies financially protect your assets.  For example, if someone is involved in an accident on your property and you are found negligent, they have the right to sue. The legal fees and medical expenses can be large.  If your home insurance policy pays $250,000 and their expenses are $400,000, you will be responsible for the additional funds. If you have an umbrella policy, however, when the home insurance policy is exhausted, it will go into effect and cover the additional expenses. A unique feature of umbrella policies is that they will also cover libel, slander, and invasion of privacy cases. This can protect your assets during a critical period.

In the Braselton, GA area, the team at Bingham Insurance Group are ready to assist you. Come by the offices and learn more about the true value of umbrella insurance policies.

What Qualifies a Property as At Risk to Get Flood Insurance?

Of all the natural disasters, flooding is number one for insurance claims. Flooding can happen in nearly every state and for this reason, it can be a good idea to be covered. It is important to know how high risk your property may be when looking at this type of insurance. Bingham Insurance Group of Braselton, GA can work closely with you to help find out whether you live in a low or high-risk area that is more prone to flood.

Flood Zones

The most obvious way to determine the level of risk of flooding to your property is the flood zone it is in. FEMA gives lettered designations that inform this level of risk and can be helpful when talking to insurance agents about how much flood insurance you may need. While what flood zone you live in shouldn’t be the only qualifying reason for getting flood insurance, it is useful to research and know to make decisions about purchasing coverage.

Changing Factors 

Even if you do not live in a high-risk flood zone, there are other factors that can still make flooding a possibility. Over-developed areas that are improperly planned, poor drainage systems and extreme weather conditions can all contribute to the likelihood of your property flooding. If you are uncertain of these factors, researching where you live can make you better informed at your flood risk.

Most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover flooding. It is usually an additional coverage that will need to be added. Since your home is likely one of your biggest investments, it can be a wise practice to get some kind of flooding insurance. Our qualified and friendly representatives at Bingham Insurance Group of Braselton, GA will be happy to discuss your insurance needs. Stop in or give us a call to schedule an appointment today.


Am I Too Old for Life Insurance?

The agents of Bingham Insurance Group are often asked if there is an age requirement in life insurance. While whole life may not be the best option if you are over the age of 55, term life may provide you with the type of benefits you’re looking for. Most people who are looking for life insurance after they reach a certain age often want something affordable that their loved ones can use to pay their final expenses. If you live in Braselton, GA, discussing your options with an agent will provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

You’re Never Too Old

You’re never told to buy a term life insurance policy. Term life covers a specific span of time, usually 5,10, 15, or 20 years. Because the amount of time is fixed, the rates are more affordable. After you reach a certain age, your premiums will increase but will still be affordable enough to provide you with the coverage you need to pay off any final expenses you may have.

Choose the Right Policy

After you reach a certain age, your financial needs change. Whole life insurance is more expensive because it guarantees the full amount of the policy no matter how long you pay into it. this is the best type of policy for someone who is younger and has a family to support. A term life policy is designed to meet the needs of someone who only needs a specific amount of coverage.

Bingham Insurance Group serves residents throughout the Braselton, GA area. If you are interested in learning more about life insurance, call and talk to a licensed agent. They can provide you with the answers you need to make an informed decision.

How much auto insurance is required in Georgia?

Your ride around Braselton, GA can get complicated rather quickly if you lack the auto insurance needed to protect you from financial loss in an accident. Call the agents of Bingham Insurance Group before you find yourself in a bind. Read on to learn about Georgia auto insurance requirements!

Georgia is not a “no-fault” state

The region does not recognize the notion of both parties paying equal amounts in an accident regardless of who is to blame. In Braselton, GA and throughout the state, the driver who is 50 percent to blame is responsible for paying for all bodily injuries and property damage caused by the incident. In addition, you cannot sue someone else involved in an accident if you are majorly to blame for the collision. You, therefore, may find yourself in financial turmoil if you are in an at-fault accident while uninsured.

Georgia minimum requirements

Drivers are required to have at least $25,000 of coverage for bodily injury per person and $50,000 for the same per accident. You must also have $25,000 worth of coverage for property damage per accident.

Of course, satisfying the minimum does not mean that you are immune from lawsuits. You may still find yourself the subject of a legal battle if the damages exceed your policy’s limits. It is for this reason that you should consider buying more than the state minimum requires.

The agents at Bingham Insurance Group can work with your preferences to determine the type of auto insurance plan that works for your life. They have been in the indemnity business for many years and can explain the ins and outs of auto assurance. Contact them today to get started with a quote!

Commercial Insurance Add On to Consider

Your business is more than just your livelihood. It is the livelihood of potentially dozens of other individuals. You’ve put a considerable amount of your personal sweat into building the company up, which is exactly why you need to properly protect it with commercial insurance. While you may have basic coverage there are a number of commercial insurance add-ons you’ll need to consider. So if you live in or around Braselton, GA, Bingham Insurance Group is here to help.

Business Liability Insurance

Lawsuits can come from all corners. If you are a manufacturing business and a customer believes your product did not live up to its promise, they may attempt to file a lawsuit. If you are a contractor and the services you provided end ups causing further damage, there may be a lawsuit. Even if the lawsuit does not have concrete backing, hiring lawyers every time a suit comes about is expensive. Business Liability Insurance will help with this. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If you have employees you need to consider worker’s compensation. In the event of a worker being injured on the job carrying out their daily duties, you and your business are responsible for the covering costs associated with these injuries and time away from work. Paying for this out of pocket is extremely expensive. That is why worker’s compensation insurance coverage is a valuable addition to consider

Not all commercial insurance add-ons are right for every business. The kind of protection your company needs is not always the kind of protection the next business needs. That is why to determine which coverages work best for your company you need to talk to commercial insurance experts. When living in or around Braselton, GA, the team at Bingham Insurance Group is here to help.