Boat Insurance Add-Ons: Different Ways You Can Enhance Coverage

Watercraft are one of the few vehicles that can be especially open to damage, especially if you have your boat docked or in a place on your property where the great outdoors could pose a risk to it. Ensuring it’s insured is an excellent first step if you plan on taking it around some of the lakes near Braselton, GA. That said, boat insurance might not cover all the potential risks to your watercraft. While boat insurance will typically cover bodily injury liability, damage done to your boat, or damage done to someone else’s property, it doesn’t cover everything. Here’s why you might wish to consider improving your coverage with add-ons and how we at Bingham Insurance Group can help you ensure your watercraft is covered correctly. 

What Boat Insurance Add-ons Might I Consider to Enhance My Coverage?

Individual needs will vary from boat owner to boat owner, but there are several add-ons that prospective policyholders can select from if they’re looking to maximize their coverage. Some of the more popular boat insurance add-ons that could prove valuable in the future include total loss replacement (covers the whole cost of your boat if you need to buy a new one), on-water towing for when you get stuck on the water and need a hand, boat contents insurance, and even coverage that can help you stay financially afloat if you collide with another boat (especially one that’s not insured). So many potential issues could arise when you’re out on your boat, so why not take extra care to keep yourself covered in any situation with the right add-ons? 

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