Understanding Your Motorcycle Coverage

Motorcycle riding is synonymous with freedom, and millions of people have chosen this method of transportation. However, motorcycle riding involves a certain amount of risk, and insurance coverage is required in every state to cover the costs of damage to property and bodily injury. At Bingham Insurance in Braselton, GA, we can help you get the motorcycle coverage you need.

Basics of Motorcycle Insurance Policies

Motorcycle insurance is available in several levels of coverage. Most states require a certain amount of liability coverage similar to that for automobiles. However, you can choose additional coverage, such as collision insurance that pays out for damage to your vehicle, comprehensive insurance that covers other hazards that can occur, guest passenger insurance, and custom parts insurance. Some of these coverages require a deductible amount before reimbursement, while others do not. We can provide information on each of these additional features.

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Most states require a certain amount of minimum bodily injury coverage per person or accident. Liability coverage for damaged property is also required. You may also need coverage for medical expenses resulting from an accident and uninsured motorist coverage. These are generally the lowest cost premiums. You can also add collision and comprehensive coverage to ensure your bike is repaired in case of covered incidents, including theft, fire, and other hazards. You may choose coverage for winter months, during which you don’t ride your motorcycle. Motorcycles with extensive custom features may require special insurance coverage.

Choose Bingham Insurance for Your Motorcycle Coverage in Braselton, GA

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory, and you may have many questions about the coverage needed. We can answer your questions with detailed information that is presented in a clear, understandable manner. Contact Bingham Insurance Group today for a no-obligation quote on motorcycle insurance to keep you covered during your travels.