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smiling-familyMany independent, local insurance companies love to tell their clients to see them as they would friendly neighbors. At Bingham Insurance Group, we actually are local enough to really be our clients’ neighbors — our entire area of service is limited to northeastern Georgia and eastern Alabama. As a truly local insurance company, people like you are all we know.

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The problem with non-local insurance: less insurance for your money

Anyone can give you a low quote on your insurance purchase. The problem is that insurance is fiendishly complicated. You can have hundreds of choices to sort through for any insurance need. When all you know is to compare quotes on price, you can easily end up with a policy that is poorly matched to your needs, and that doesn’t cover you as much as it should for the money you pay.

Here’s what you can miss out on, with a non-local insurance purchase

Many generic online car insurance buyers neglect to recommend an accident forgiveness add-on to their clients for a few dollars more (accident forgiveness is an add-on that ensures that the insurance company doesn’t raise your rates after your first accident). These consumers could save thousands in the future if they knew to get this add-on. These quote generators also tend to ignore all the discounts that clients could be eligible for — a 10% defensive driving discount, a good student discount, an anti-theft device discount and so on.

From Atlanta to Lawrenceville, from Braselton to Gainesville, Bingham Insurance Group knows exactly what it means to be a resident of the local area, and to offer insurance for the specific needs of citizens here. This isn’t as easy as it may seem.

For instance, since Georgia only makes it mandatory for drivers to buy car insurance worth $25,000, a great many drivers out there have too little coverage to be of any use to you. In many major cities in Georgia, a simple ambulance ride can cost $500. A scan can cost $2,000. If a driver with only $25,000 worth of coverage hits your car, you will be in trouble. We advise our clients on how spending a few extra dollars on underinsured driver insurance is one of the best insurance bets that that they can make in Georgia.

Other reasons why we are the better choice

To turn to a generic, online-only quote generator, you would need to forget about a major problem with these services: once the sale goes through, you’re on your own. Filing a claim isn’t an easy process. You need to meet with an adjuster and see other people to get the process moving. You don’t want to be on your own at this crucial stage. With a local insurance company standing behind its sale, though, you get handholding.

We offer you reliability

The insurance that we sell at Bingham Insurance Group is by insurance corporations that are financially stable and that will remain that way for decades. We do not put your coverage at risk by offering you a cheap quote from an insurance provider whom we do not have great faith in.

No matter what kind of insurance we sell — home, car or commercial – we personally look at every insurance company that we offer quotes on to make sure that you always have a great experience.

Come in, today

If you are in northwest Georgia or eastern Alabama, you should try our online quote generator — or better, come in to see us. We’ll find you the best insurance for your money.